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In the beginning we started exercising 30 mins daily 4 days per week.

Interval training on treadmill every other day. 5 min walk to start, then switched between 30 second running and 90 seconds walking for 20 minutes. Ending with 5 minutes walking.

Opposite days, I used level one of The Biggest Loser Workout DVD Power Sculpt.

Continued this way for about for four months. Then when I changed my diet in April and the weight started coming off, I started to see a change in my endurance and would start going to a minute intervals here and there. Switched to BL Boot Camp and the Cardio every other DVD day. We soon were able to start trying level two and lately, level three.

We eventually went to 5 days a week and are still there now. And still only 30 minutes a day.

We do what works for us and switch up videos to keep from getting bored.

In October we decided to do a one mile race. We ran the Linden Fall Days 1 mile fun run. While I didnt run the whole thing the whole time, I'm glad I did it. It encouraged to keep it up, and the next week I started the Couch to 5K in Two Months training program. I signed up for the Run Like the Dickens 5K Run in Holly on Dec.12. I signed up so I would'nt chicken out and am currently in week 3 of the training. They have a walk also, but you can't run in that, and you can walk some in the run, so I'm doing the run to see how much of it I can run. I'm just using the training as my regular 30 minute workout. And I'm still alive. Go figure. :)